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Viscoelastic Seat

Viscoelastic Seat

What is a Viscoelastic Seat?

The viscoelastic seat has this name as it is a cushion made with viscoelastic foam, excellent to ensure comfort and provide more convenience especially to drivers, office chair users and wheelchair users.

Purcom, a company specialized in polyurethane systems and products, offers viscoelastic seat to those who want an accessory that allows a more comfortable work day or to face the exhaustive traffic in big cities more easily. It is used as a cushion by being put on the main seat or applied to its manufacture.

The viscoelastic seat seat is even used to fully comprise the seats in cars and other means of transportation. The plastic used in the product manufacture is designed by engineers, leading to a high technology result that helps to improve the users’ daily activities.

How is the Viscoelastic Seat made?

Viscoelastic Seat

In addition to plastic, the product has a resistant foam, and, together, they ensure the necessary adjustment to the body. With much malleability, it is the right option to lean the lumbar region on, and feel good during the required period.

Most of the products are composed of viscoelastic, a foam layer and the cover, made of another resistant plastic. It is washable in order to make cleaning easier, it is elastic and helps in controlling the temperature.

The Importance of the Viscoelastic Seat

Viscoelastic Seat

By providing the deserved comfort, the viscoelastic seat is indispensable for the health and wellbeing of the user, as it is developed with a structure that assures the adequate back support.

The curvature of the seat and legs is also essential to respect the human body anatomy in regards to flexibility and joints. The spine is widely benefitted by the comfort and quality of the product.

The viscoelastic seat is curved between the chair back and the part developed for seating. When this occurs, the force exerted between the body and the seat improves the blood flow of those who need to use the seat for a significant time.

Viscoelastic Seat

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The company has been operating in the market since 2002 and, in just a little over a year, it has positioned itself as a leader in the segment of polyurethane systems. Currently, it has a strong operation thanks to the support and constant dedication of excellent teams, from production to sales.

The products are researched at the polyurethane system house prior to being developed, as is the case with viscoelastic seat, and then are subject to a strict quality control, which verifies if they are compliant with the standards required by Brazilian and international regulations. It is important to know that the most diverse segments that use polyurethane may count on our services

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Call +55 (11) 4161-8900 or contact us by email at The Purcom's Polyurethane Solutions Platform has employees prepared to provide any information about viscoelastic seat.