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What is Viscoelastic

Viscoelastic is a material with foam characteristics, which has the most relevant property of large potential to deform and return to the original shape in an elastic way, exhibiting large viscosity. That is, it is capable of reacting immediately under application of force or pressure in a resistant way, without losing its conformation.

Created by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the viscoelastic foam results from several researches made by the company, submitted to studies and developed technologically, to be used in several utilities.


Definition of the Viscoelastic material

When suffering under pressure, a body made of viscoelastic changes its appearance, but returns to its original shape and volume as soon as the tension on it ends, and this occurs due to elasticity. By the other hand, the main attribution of viscosity is undoubtedly the high absorption of mechanical energy. After being compressed, it can even recover with some slowness, however, it presents the principle of comfort and unique pressure distribution.

Why to use Viscoelastic in different applications?

viscoelastic is highly versatile. It is possible to find it in the composition of a variety of products, developed by different industries, being one of the main foams for automotive and motorcycle seats, office chairs, pillows, mattresses, bicycle seats, among other products, ensuring total comfort.


Purcom: your solution in Viscoelastic

Purcom specializes in polyurethane being the largest Independent Systems House in Latin America, it has already produced more than 2 thousand polyurethane formulas contributing to the growth of its customers through the polyurethane solutions platform.

Another differential of Purcom is the CIP (Purcom intelligence center), where it is possible to develop and test different formulas and environments for the use of Viscoelastic and check its characteristics in different environments and projects.


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