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Process Engineering in Polyurethane

Process Engineering in Polyurethane

Purcom: your solution for Process Engineering in Polyurethane

The Process Engineering in Polyurhetane is a strong solution platform from which it is possible to develop and optimize production processes for equipment, parts and even complete polyurethane systems

Through techniques and services performed allow the development, establishment, carry out and give rise to standardized production processes, using the most modern market practices.

Purcom has been in the market since 2002 and in just over a year it has become a leader in Independent Polyurethane Systems House supplying raw materials for different industries, especially automotive, which benefits a lot from Process Engineering in Polyurethane in the production of its vehicles.

Purcom assists its customers to develop the most varied projects with the help of Polyurethane Process Engineering , employing techniques and applying state-of-the-art equipment to optimize the final result of its customers.

Process Engineering in Polyurethane

Examples of equipment used by Purcom

During the Process Engineering in Polyurethane a empresa disponibiliza o CIP (centro de inteligência Purcom) onde é possível realizar:

  • Design / Schetch of the final product;
  • Mathematical models in CAD software;
  • Virtual simulations: structural calculation analysis;
  • Projects and construction of molds, aiming at better product performance;
  • Management of the entire project cycle, ensuring cost and deadline;
  • Support for formulation development;
  • Prototypes in 3D printing;
  • Virtual and physical-mechanical tests and analyzes - to optimize performance;
  • Optimization of industrial process with the aid of a complete structure: high and low pressure injectors, machines for spray application, mechanical stirrers and various types of molds;
  • Production of pilot batch of final products in PU;
  • Training, courses and workshops.

The Process Engineering in Polyurethane add value to the product to be manufactured, so it benefits both the producer and the companies or industries that will access its final result. However, the area goes much beyond that.

It is important to see the production process as a whole, from those responsible for executing it, to development and maintenance, and sales and distributors. A whole chain is required to reach positive and significant results in the process engineering in polyurethane.

Process Engineering in Polyurethane

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Call +55 (11) 4161-8900 or contact us via email at Polyurethane Process Engineering is part of Purcom's Polyurethane Solutions Platform with complete assistance in the creation, development and improvement of production processes, from product formulation, through molding, to the machinery involved in the transformation.