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Expanding Foam

Expanding Foam

What is an Expanding Foam?

Expansive foam is a product made up of the chemical reaction between two chemical elements, an activator and polyol. With flexible foam properties, the expansive foam is characterized by being a polyurethane product with the ability to adapt according to the size of the surface to which it is applied.

Widely used in civil construction, expansive foam is a type of sealant, also known for being an elastic polyurethane adhesive. It is used by professionals with specialized labor especially to seal, fix or insulate certain materials used in construction.

Main functions of Expanding Foam

Fixing and installing jambs, aluminum, iron and wood windows, filling expansion joints, cracks and holes, insulating pipes and protecting electricity panels are the most common purposes performed by construction managers. In addition, the thermal and acoustic insulation capacity of the expansive foam is excellent for roofing structures. Air conditioning boxes, on the other hand, depend on the material for fixation and protection, in addition to other refrigeration and heating equipment that uses expansive foam as a seal.


O alto desempenho da espuma expansiva está relacionado à capacidade de moldagem às superfícies e espaços. Após isso, a propriedade de rigidez do material aparece e ele se adapta preenchendo e vedando o espaço onde foi aplicado.

Expanding Foam has the following properties:

  • Insulates different materials or spaces;
  • Ensures great cost-benefit for being economical and effective;
  • Eliminates noise and vibrations from the appliances, providing peace of mind, especially when it comes to air conditioning;
  • Has a high capacity to transfer heat to the external environment or other equipment;
  • Presents resistance when exposed to pressure and weather;
  • Supports different actions and shows resilience.
Expanding Foam

Purcom Expansive technology is found at Purcom

Purcom specializes in polyurethane being the largest Independent Systems House in Latin America, it has already produced more than 2,000 polyurethane formulas contributing to the growth of its customers through the polyurethane solutions platform.

Another differential of Purcom is the CIP (Purcom intelligence center), where it is possible to develop and test different formulas and environments for the use of expansive foam and to check its characteristics in various products or projects.

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Call +55 (11) 4161-8900 or contact us via email at Purcom offers the most modern on the market for the development for Expanding Foam through Purcom's Polyurethane Solutions Platform.