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Green solutions


Nowadays, we cannot think of
a world just with non-renewable energy
sources, such as oil. From vegetable
oils and rigid foam industrial or
post-consumption waste, Purcom
produces polyols of renewable source for
application in rigid and flexible foam.
In addition to being eco-friendly,
they have a similar, and sometimes superior,
to those of petrochemical


Recycled polyol

Production of polyols from rigid and semi-rigid
foam waste with high performance in formulation,
which may reach 40% of use.
This division is what makes the Project even more
differentiated in technology, as it is able to
convert polyurethane rigid foam from
any origin, be it industrial or post-consumption
waste, in polyols. It also embarks a collection and
screening technology, which adds value to
this waste, ensuring to the Project the required
volumes for sustainable growth.

Renwable polyol

Production of polyols of renewable origin,
from vegetable oils, such as castor bean,
soy and others, and/or of recovery of frying
oils post-consumption.
This technology is applicable to rigid and
and flexible foam, and it is already used by Purcom

Green solutions


Imagine using in your products
expanding agents that do not
attack the ozone layer and
do not contribute to planet warming.

Purcom, for more than a decade,
thought about this when it brought to
Brazil the Ecomate, the first expanding
agent that is totally eco-friendly, which
serves any production process,
developing 4 new patents.
On December 31, 2019, 141-b
was banished from formulations. Thus,
currently, in addition to Ecomate, Purcom
has a variety of green solutions
in expansion agents.



First 100% eco-friendly expansion
agent, Ecomate was approved by the UN in 2010
meeting the Montreal and Kyoto protocols.
Purcom, always innovating, adapted the
formulation of Ecomate to 4 ranges of
polyurethane and widened the possibilities of
this expanding agent for the PU chain. To learn
more about Ecomate, click here and find
the benefits of this expanding agent for the replacement
of HCFCs.

Eco-friendly expanding agents

Purcom provides several options of expanding
agents that do not damage the ozone layer
to its customers.

Talk to Purcom.
The eco-friendly polyurethane solution that you are
looking for is here.

Green solutions


Imagine collecting and processing
the industrial and post-consumption
surplus, not sending them
to more landfills and rivers.

With the Right Destination Program, Purcom,
through its logistics operator,
collects, separates and transports the
waste to the recycler. As for Easy Recycling,
it supplied raw material to transform them
in new products.
Finally, Closed Cycle, the state of the art
of the project, makes this waste
become raw material again
and return to the transformer.



Performing the diagnosis of industrial
Waste and offer the solution for
disposal, this is the purpose of the
Right Destination Program. Through
its logistics operator,
Purcom collects, separates and
transports to the transformer,
returning the waste to the production
cycle, with physical


In addition to providing a
competitive and available
raw material, be it
through industrial waste or
post-consumption products, the
Easy Recycling Program offers
to the recycler a variety of
chemical products that
allow more efficiency in the
transformation in new
materials. In some cases,
such as discarded mattresses,
with bactericide.


The development and state of the art of
Reverse Logistics Project is the
Closed Cycle Program. It consists in
extracting, at first, from rigid
and flexible foam, basic polyol through
Purcom’s technology in chemical recycling.
The recycled polyol that was obtained is incorporated in the right amount into the
formulated polyol and return to the transformer, which will normally use
its production process. This technology
guarantees all chemical and physical properties of the polyurethane system.