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Economia circular

Without time or know-how
to develop and project in
polyurethane? Purcom can help.

All the production phases of an item,
technical part or project are managed
by Purcom. From the formulation of the
raw material, going through product
engineering, process engineering, tests and
prototypes in laboratory, to the
approval by the supplier for
manufacture – in this case, creating
opportunities for the transformation
market. Purcom takes care of everything so
the customer focuses on what really
matters. Their business.

Economia circular

ZOE Case

Dr Maurício Paranhos Torres observed that, after many years
working as a neurosurgeon in the Hospital da Clínicas in Campinas,
the current helmets do not protect motorcyclists as they
should. So, from that, a work of research and search for
partners to develop a new concept in helmets that actually
protects the users started, and also for any sports, amateur or
professional, that uses the helmet.

With a specific demand, Dr Maurício (founding partner of ZOE
Technologies) contacted Purcom to assist him in the development of the project.
From this partnership a new generation of helmets was developed.

Through several services used in Purcom’s solution platform,
including the discussion of the business model, it was possible to reach a perfect
combination of technologies embarked in the polyurethane layers. They
prevent injury by torque, with more efficiency for impact absorption, which
will reduce the rate of injuries, lesions and deaths resulting from traffic accidents with motorcyclists.
These new helmets will revolutionize the market
with a safer and more efficient product for their users.