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National Policy on Solid Waste: How to transform polyurethane waste into opportunities



PURCOM sponsored the National Policy on Solid Waste: How to transform polyurethane waste into opportunities event, which covered the Notice to Call No. 01/2014, which requested that the Polyurethane, Fiberglass and Polystyrene companies and industry provided their Reverse logistics plan for the state of Paraná, until 03/26/2015, and extended to 06/26/2015.

This notice meets the provisions of the National Policy on Solid Waste - PNRS 12.305/10, and the Decree 7404/10, in which the reverse logistics is the area that plans, operates and controls the logistic flow and information corresponding to the return of post-consumption goods to the product lifecycle via reverse distribution channels. The notice implies in the mandatory preparation of reverse logistics plans by the companies that manufacture, distribute and/or sell products in the state of Paraná.

PURCOM - operating in the area since 2008, and the first Brazilian company, in the polyurethane industry, to have a reverse logistics plan presented and approved within the deadline set forth in the Notice - proposed to discuss this new scenario. Not only under the legal aspect and its penalties, but primarily in terms of the opportunities that may arise in this process. Thus, the event was attended by the Solid Waste Coordination Office of the State of Paraná, related to the Secretariat of Environment and Water Resources - SEMA-PR, the representative of the Parliamentary Front of the Recycling Production Chain, in addition to companies that participate in the pioneering project in the industry.

Event location:

UNIVERSIDADE POSITIVO – Bloco Vermelho – Auditório 2

Rua Professor Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 5300

Cidade Industrial

Curitiba - PR




14:00 hs


Watch the recording of the event below: