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Ecological Pioneering

Always at the forefront of ecological innovations,
with only 1 year of life Purcom was already looking
for alternatives to blowing agents harmful
to the environment. That was how in 2003, during
an industry fair in the USA, it found the solution
recently developed by Foam Supplies
- Ecomate - the first 100% green blowing agent.

Two years later, Purcom already held a product
distribution license in Latin America. In 2010, it obtained
the UN seal for Ecomate and also adapted it for 4 polyurethane
families hitherto unexplored by the American partner
: elastomer, flexible, flexible molded and integral skin.
Such innovations resulted in 4 Brazilian patents.


With the days numbered

In 2007, the nations that signed
the Montreal Protocol established elimination
schedule for hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs),
greenhouse gases.
The Brazilian government made
a commitment to ban such substances
completely until 2040.

Regarding HCFC-141b, greenhouse gas
commonly used in the polyurethane foam sector,
total elimination is set for
January 1, 2020.



Not by chance, Purcom has already converted
more than 100 customers and has been sought
by the most diverse market segments
to develop formulations using Ecomate.
After all, it is suitable for any
type of application and does not require
any industrial investment.


For more information on ecomate®, access foam supplies, inc.

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For more information on the Montreal Protocol and the deadlines
For more information on the Montreal Protocol and the deadlines


For more information on climate change, access UN.