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Born to innovate

In 2002 Purcom was founded, marked by the vocation for
pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. With just 1 year
of life, the company already pursued eco-friendly alternatives to the
expansion agents that damage the Ozone Layer.
That was how, in 2003, during a sector fair in the USA,
it learned about Ecomate®, the first 100% eco-friendly solution to
expand polyurethane foam (PU), recently developed
then by Foam Supplies. Two years later,
Purcom already had the distribution license of the product in
Latin America. Later, it obtained the approval by the
UN and registered 4 Brazilian patents adapting the
innovation to PU ranges unexplored until then by the
North American partnership.

Largest in Latin America

Always in constant growth, Purcom quickly
became a leader in independent Polyurethane System House
in Latin America. With exports to Africa, Europe,
Latin America and North America, the company with 100% national
Capital has been standing out by promoting PU in the country,
concerned not only with increasing sales, but also with
transforming markets with projects of economic, social,
and environmental relevance. Until now, we had 2,000 formulations and millions
of lives impacted worldwide.

Well beyond polyurethane

Purcom’s operation goes well beyond the polyurethane chain. With a
sharp global network of consultants, it is aware of the main production and
consumption trends, in order to anticipate the demands of the most
diverse segments in the market. To provide the best answer to each one
of them, it has a portfolio of strategic services, that range from
Product Engineering, Process Engineering, to the
reuse of industrial and post-consumption surplus. With the
first polyurethane technology center of Brazil, the Purcom
Intelligence Center (CIP), it is also the first company of the sector to peform
Reverse Logistics, transforming costs and damages to the environment in
benefits to its customers and to the humankind.
For all this, Purcom has been a pioneering platform in competitive
and eco-friendly polyurethane solutions.
Because it is not enough to know your destination. You need to know how to get there.


Surprising customers, suppliers, employees,
community and shareholders by creating tailored,
innovative and eco-friendly technological solutions, adding value to the
company in a sustainable way.


To be a technological international reference in polyurethane
systems, developing formulations, new applications,
production processes, and creating eco-friendly alternatives
that contribute to the conservation of the environment.


  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
Mission Vision Values

Purcom Intelligence Center – CIP

With the first technology center of Brazil
focused on polyurethane and with partnerships with
laboratories in the USA and Italy, Purcom is capable
of not only creating and providing formulations
according to the needs of each customer.

The company operates beyond the PU chain,
paying attention to the world trends in production and
consumption to anticipate demands of the most
varied segments in the market, creating
innovative, competitive and
eco-friendly solutions.

Where the PU is revealed

Inspired by the big system houses in the world,
CIP is the best portrait of Purcom’s philosophy. Here,
the imagination of the engineers and chemists of the
company earn new applications that improve the
life of people and open the market for
polyurethane, in Brazil and in the world.

The heart of the solution platform, CIP allows
product engineering, process
engineering, the support to the creation of polyurethane
systems and the development of new
applications with Ecomate® (100% eco-friendly
expansion agent), as well as new reversal technologies
to use PU waste in the
production cycles.

Here PU was never the same

With the opening of the new structure in 2010, Purcom
got total autonomy to execute even the most
ambitious projects. It is the case of the solution to improve the
performance of the coating of oil platforms,
with no reference or specification available in the
market. Or of the support to a large foam manufacturer
in Chile, for the development of a full range of
pillow manufacture.

For the Chilean company, Purcom executed a complete
project, providing full consultancy, from
formulation, to mold, prototype, production
process, pre-series and pilot, up to staff training.
Among the innovations created at CIP, we also highlight the 4
patents registered for the use of Ecomate®, the adaptation
of PU to the new technical standard of fire resistance by
the Fire Department of the State of São Paulo, and hundreds of
other projects of economic, social and environmental

We make it, we show it

Purcom keeps unveiling new uses of
polyurethane, with an eye out for the
most promising markets. In the automotive
industry, the challenge is increasingly about
reducing weight and, consequently,
consumption. In civil construction, where
thermal insulation is synonym with energy
saving, there are more approvals of
full construction processes using
polyurethane. In the sector of composite
materials, the PU competitiveness, due to
accepting more glass, tends to gain space in
millions of applications.

In additions to physical and chemical studies for the development of
formulations and continuous improvement of processes, at CIP
it is also possible to perform:

  • Design/Sketch of the final product;
  • Mathematical models in CAD software;
  • Virtual simulations: structural calculus analyses;
  • Projects and building of models, aiming to improve the product performance;
  • Management of the whole project cycle, guaranteeing cost and time;
  • Support to the development of formulations;
  • Prototypes in 3D printing;
  • Virtual and physical-mechanical tests and analyses to optimize performance;
  • Optimization of industrial process with the assistance of a complete structure:
    Injection machines of high and low pressure, machines for spray application
    mechanical shakers and several mold types;
  • Production of pilot batch of final products in PU;
  • Training, courses and workshops.

Responsible care

The Atuação Responsável® Program emerged in the 1980’s, when the
Responsible Care® was created in Canada. Its goal was to improve the
Image of chemical companies in the world, through preventative
practices aimed at health, safety and environment. In Brazil,
Abiquim (Brazilian Association of Chemical Industries) adopted the Program
in 1992. Purcom has been a signatory of the program since 2006.

Since its implementation, the Responsible Operation® Program resulted in the
reduction of accidents, increase in safety levels in the processes and
the reduction of water consumption and waste in the chemical industry. The
program also promotes excellence in quality management in
production, social responsibility and asset security, encouraging
the participation of the entire production chain.

Purcom’s participation in the Responsible Operation® Program
shows its social and environmental concern, aligned with the
best practices adopted by the chemical industry worldwide.

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