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Polyurethane Sales

Polyurethane Sales

Purcom: company specialized in the Sale of Polyurethane

The sale of polyurethane is characterized by the supply of the product which can be considered currently one of the most modern and versatile today. Used by several industries, PU can be applied to a wide variety of products such as:

  • Foams for mattresses, sofas and upholstery;
  • Pillows and cushions;
  • Vehicle seats and automotive components;
  • Adhesives, sealants, joints and glues for application in civil construction;
  • Walls, partitions and tiles for houses and commercial establishments;
  • In the footwear sector;
  • In the production of structural parts;
  • For cleaning articles;
  • Etc.
Polyurethane Sales

The sale of polyurethane is estimated at over 500 thousand tons per year in Brazil. Despite being an expressive number for the Brazilian market, this is a segment that still has a lot of room to grow, given the breadth of products that can use polyurethane in its composition.

Purcom is an example of a company that sells polyurethane by developing new formulations and applications for this raw material. With the expertise of more than 2,000 formulas already produced, Purcom is not restricted to polyurethane sales , but also offers its customers Purcom's polyurethane solutions platform that includes the following services:

Polyurethane Sales
  • Polyurethane Systems - Always in line with the latest international standards, consumer trends and production technologies, Purcom develops formulations for the most varied applications, from helmets and child seats to the walls of civil construction.
  • Process Engineering - When the customer knows what he wants, but not how to get there, Purcom process engineering comes in. Purcom provides complete assistance in the creation, development and improvement of production processes, from product formulation, through molding, to the machinery involved in the transformation.
  • Product Engineering - In partnership with scholars, companies, entrepreneurs, governments, international bodies or any other interlocutor interested in creating a new product, Purcom maps the challenge and develops the polyurethane alternative.
  • Ecomate - Always at the forefront of ecological innovations, with only 1 year of life Purcom was already looking for alternatives to expansion agents harmful to the environment. That was how in 2003, during a sector fair in the USA, he got to know the solution recently developed by Foam Supplies, the Ecomate, the first 100% green expander. Two years later, Purcom already had a product distribution license in Latin America. In 2010, it obtained the UN seal for Ecomate and also adapted it for 4 polyurethane families that until then had not been explored by the North American partner.
  • Reverse logistics - Purcom was the first company in the country's polyurethane segment to approve plans to reverse the raw material it sells to the government. Purcom offers its customers a range of services from orientation to the construction of the reverse logistics plan, through its partners, to the incorporation into the Purcom plan already approved.

Polyurethane Sales

More than the Polyurethane Sales, Purcom is a platform of solutions that offers its customers the latest in the market when it comes to polyurethane, proof of this is the CIP (intelligence center) Purcom) where it is possible to develop and test formulas other than polyurethane and check their characteristics in different products, environments and projects.

Polyurethane Sales

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