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Composite Engineering

Composite Engineering

What is Composite Engineering?

The Composite Engineering is a branch of the area where two exact sciences are widely performed: physics and chemistry. Both are used to produce and transform different materials, which have their structures, characteristics and applications studied. The aim of the engineers when performing these analyses is related to the material ability of processing and performance.

In order to put into practice Composite Engineering, part of the materials engineering, to practice, it is up to the engineering professional to execute projects to select the adequate materials for each use, according to the needs.

Composite Engineering

Why to apply it?

Developing Composite Engineering is important due to the fact that composites present a high resilience, i.e., an excellent capacity to have their structures molded according to what is required.

Purcom, a company that specializes in polyurethane systems, counts on composite engineering to develop part of its products, as it is aware of the demands from the current market in regards to new technologies. The development of new materials is done to allow executions that would not be possible by using the traditional ones.

The Composite Engineering performed by Purcom combines characteristics of polyurethane with other materials to ensure new elements. The name is related to the method of composition of two or more matters, one with more resistant properties and a supplementary one.

The idea of performing it refers to the need to acquire materials whose properties are not seen in base elements. Also, the ability of applying them to a wide variety of segments is, without doubt, something very expressive and that helps to trigger processes.

Composite Engineering

Count on Purcom’s Composite Engineering!

Purcom has been in the market since 2002, it is the largest Independent Polyurethane Systems House in Latin America. Concerned not only with increasing sales, but with transforming markets by developing Composites Engineering and projects of economic, social and environmental relevance, Purcom has developed more than 2 thousand formulations, transforming millions of lives worldwide.

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