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Polyurethane System House

Polyurethane System House

Meet Purcom: Polyurethane System House

Purcom is a company in Santana de Parnaíba - São Paulo, that operates in the national market as a polyurethane system house for the most varied segments and different applications. Our goal is to work according to the needs of each customer, specifying the productions and, especially, the abilities to use each system

The polyurethane system house deals with products of diverse characteristics after they become a final result. Now, the main properties of polyurethane are inherent to the polymer itself. The raw material is widely used in rigid or flexible foams, elastomers, adhesives, sealants and joints such as sealings and gaskets.

Learn how the Polyurethane System House gets it right by using the material The polyurethane systems present positive particularities when compared to others, due to the following factors related to the raw material:

  • Offers isothermal rigidity when applied in different forms;
  • It has a rigid structure and of high consistency;
  • It has high capacity for flexible systems;
  • Ideal for the most diverse segments, from the automotive sector to packaging production.

Based on this, it is interesting to mention the industries that use products manufactured by the polyurethane system house. They are:

  • cold chain
  • comfort
  • civil construction
  • electronics
  • packaging
  • sports
  • medical / hospital
  • mining
  • oil and gas
  • transport

Purcom: your Polyurethane System House

Polyurethane System House

The company has been operating in the market since 2002 and, in just a little over a year, it has positioned itself as a leader in the segment of polyurethane systems. Currently, it has a strong operation thanks to the support and constant dedication of excellent teams, from production to sales.

Purcom, the Polyurethane Intelligence Center, has been operating in the market since 2002, it is the largest Independent Polyurethane Systems House in Latin America. Concerned not only with increasing sales, but with transforming markets with projects of economic, social and environmental relevance, Purcom has developed more than 2 thousand formulations transforming millions of lives around the world.

The products are researched at the polyurethane system house prior to being developed, and then are subject to a strict quality control, which verifies if they are compliant with the standards required by Brazilian and international regulations. It is important to know that the most diverse segments that use polyurethane may count on our services.

Do you wish to contact Purcom?

Call +55 (11) 4161-8900 or contact us by email at The Purcom's Polyurethane Solutions Platform has employees prepared to provide any information.