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Polyurethane Intelligence Center

Polyurethane Intelligence Center

Meet Purcom: the first Polyurethane Intelligence Center in Brazil

The foam is used in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows, seats, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, automotive industry parts and in a wide range of products. The material is a special type of plastic, applied by the company Purcom in the production of doors for meat packing plants, air conditioning panels and thermoacoustic tiles.

The Purcom Polyurethane Intelligence Center tends to use more than ten tons of polyurethane per month, applied to product development. Currently, in addition to working with the production sector, it focuses on sustainability and it is one of the responsible for giving a new destination to parts that were already used by the customers.

This attitude led Purcom to the first Polyurethane Intelligence Center in Brazil. According to some laws, the products made of polyurethane must be sent to the correct place, after use. It is the responsibility of the distributors or customers to send the raw material to the original manufacturer, so it is disposed of correctly.

How does the Polyurethane Intelligence Center reuse the material?

Polyurethane Intelligence Center

After receiving the parts that were already applied to production systems in different segments, the operators send the polyurethane for crushing and use it as raw material of other products.

Investing in this growing market generates new profits for the involved companies, allows other industries to acquire the raw material in a more affordable price and even helps to preserve the environment, as it prevents the inadequate disposal of polyurethane.

Purcom operates as a Polyurethane Intelligence Center because it knows the great benefits that it may provide to the environment and its hydric resources, preventing the rise of pollution, which could have been generated by the disposal of parts in inappropriate spaces such as rivers or their banks.

Also, the rain could have transported the parts, causing losses even to aquatic life, creating a problem in the entire local ecosystem and even in the planet.

Get to know more about the Polyurethane Intelligence Center

Polyurethane Intelligence Center

Purcom, the Polyurethane Intelligence Center has been operating in the market since 2002, it is the largest Independent Polyurethane Systems House in Latin America. Concerned not only with increasing sales, but with transforming markets with projects of economic, social and environmental relevance, Purcom has developed more than 2 thousand formulations transforming millions of lives around the world.

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