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Acoustic Insulation Foam

Acoustic Insulation Foam

Did you know that is possible to apply foam on the coverage of buildings and provide insulation from the ambient sound?

The expanding foam for acoustic insulation is a product used for application between the roof tiles and the slab in a building, with the aim of preventing entrance of external sounds, maintaining the comfort inside homes and not permitting the exit of noise generated by machines and equipment, for example, in the case of industries.

Music schools also have the trend of using expanding foam for acoustic insulation to prevent the sound of instruments from disturbing the comfort of the neighbors, and even the services inside the own establishment.

Made of polyurethane, a polymer made from two elements, an activator and a type of alcohol, the acoustic insulation foam is one of the products generated in order to guarantee / reduce noise for an environment.

It is worth mentioning the importance of a professional specialized in handling acoustic insulation foam for application / installation in an environment. It is necessary to be careful and know exactly how to use it, especially when the structure is the roof, as the operator will be in a lower position than the application site.

Taking measurements of the surface is essential to obtain an accurate noise reduction result in the environment you want to isolate, since the measurements of all walls and the ceiling will determine the volume of foam needed to isolate the environment.

The product can be found easily on the market in different variations, ideal to be destined according to the approximate size of the surface that will receive the acoustic insulation foam.

Acoustic Insulation Foam

The sound insulation foam technology you find at Purcom

Purcom specializes in polyurethane being the largest Independent Systems House in Latin America, it has already produced more than 2 thousand polyurethane formulas contributing to the growth of its customers through the polyurethane solutions platform.

Another differential of Purcom is the CIP (Purcom intelligence center), where it is possible to develop and test different formulas and environments for the use of acoustic insulation foam and check its characteristics in different environments and projects.

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