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Polyurethane Partitions

Polyurethane Partitions

Polyurethane Partitions: your quality solution!

Polyurethane Partitions (PU) are structures in the format of panels used in the most diverse commercial and residential areas. The users who search the market for partitions are familiar with a wide variety of models, with different characteristics and differentials according to the composition and type of material given in the production of the partitions. However, it is important to determine among the many partitions available on the market, as Polyurethane Partitions are the most common for thermoacoustic insulation.

How is polyurethane applied to the panels?

Polyurethane partitions are called that because their core, the core of the board, is composed of rigid PU foam. Polyurethane is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation that offers great comfort, ideal for beds and hospital rooms, for example.

Because it is produced by a closed cell rigid foam, the Polyurethane Partitions have low water absorption and hinder the proliferation of bacteria. The mechanical resistance of PU is high and the material is very light, which facilitates its installation and maintenance in the environments.

Polyurethane Partitions

Polyurethane Partitions: Efficiency and Safety

Performing their function well, sometimes proving to be as resistant as conventional walls, such as Polyurethane Partitions excellent finish delivering protection and privacy to its users, being even used in building systems of modular houses.

Differentials such as flexibility, resistance, thermal or acoustic insulation make the solutions developed by Purcom extremely useful in the Polyurethane Partitions market.

Purcom has been on the market since 2002, being the largest Independent Polyurethane Systems House in Latin America. It has already produced more than 2,000 polyurethane formulas contributing to the growth of its customers through the platform of polyurethane solutions.

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