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“Parça” Project. A Purcom initiative to build a more collaborative society.

Purcom develops technologies to improve people's lives and could not help worrying about the formation of a society based on more collaborative than competitive values; so Purcom, in partnership with the municipality of Santana de Parnaíba, brings the philosophy of paddle ball for students from municipal schools with the Parça Project.

But why paddle ball?

Paddle ball is a collective building game, where the common well-being must always prevail, where a player must try to facilitate its partner at all times, where there must be a lot of commitment, cooperation and solidarity in the relationship. In other words:

To get along in life, you don't have to destroy the other.

To make the project feasible, Purcom donated the Parça Project’s paddle ball kits to the municipality of Santana de Parnaíba. Altogether there are 1600 polyurethane paddles for the practice of paddle ball in 3 sizes: small, medium and large, and over 1740 polyurethane balls.

Purcom's commitment to the project does not stop with the donation. Purcom will monitor the implementation and assist teachers in building the philosophy of paddle ball. There will be about 256 hours of follow-up, in the next 8 months, to guarantee the success of the project.

After all, the main value of paddle ball is partnership.