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Chapecó unit recycles polyurethane and reduces waste

Chapecó unit recycles polyurethane and reduces waste

Randon Implementos, which counts on the Chapecó Unit, in SC, for the manufacture of refrigerated semi-trailers, is strongly acting focused on technology and sustainability applied to the agribusiness segment. To ensure the preservation and properties of food transported at low temperatures in the four models of refrigeration products, the company uses the polyurethane foam injection process controlled via a supervisory system to avoid waste in the dimensioned quantities and, also, monitoring the generation of waste. The project resulted in a 32% reduction in the volume of waste, a relevant fact for the industrial unit, which is still in the consolidation phase and which is experiencing the market restrictions imposed by the recessive national scenario.

The initiative is part of Randon's environmental responsibility policy, which uses raw materials to manufacture insulating foams free of HCFC blowing gas. In partnership with the company Purcom Química, it started producing foams supplied with the Ecomate® gas. It is an ecologically and economically viable alternative, developed by the North American Foam Supplies, validated by the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, for having the index that measures the attack to the ozone layer (ODP) and the index that measures global warming (GWP) equal to zero.

The manufacture of Randon semi-trailers in Chapecó also includes a reverse logistics project and recycling of waste material from the injection process, which shares the responsibility of the entire chain involved with polyurethane foam, from the supply of raw materials to the use and final destination. In previous years, polyurethane foam waste was directed to landfills. As of 2016, the waste started to be recycled and added to other materials, a technology developed by the company Devolva, which has generated an alternative composite material with numerous applications in the market.

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