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About Purcom

What is Purcom?

What is Purcom?

Purcom was founded in 2002, marked by the vocation of pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. With only 1 year of life, the company was already looking for ecological alternatives to the blowing agents harmful to the Ozone Layer.

That was how in 2003, during an industry fair in the USA, it met Ecomate, the first 100% green solution to expand polyurethane (PU) foams, then newly developed by Foam Supplies. Two years later, Purcom already had a product distribution license in Latin America. Shortly thereafter, it obtained the UN seal and filed 4 Brazilian patents adapting the novelty to PU families hitherto unexplored by the North American partnership.

Always in constant growth, Purcom soon became a leader in Polyurethane Systems in Latin America. With exports to Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America, the company with 100% national capital has been standing out as the driving force behind PU in the country, concerned not only with increasing sales, but with transforming markets with projects of economic, social, and environmental relevance. To date, 2,000 formulations and millions of lives have been impacted worldwide.

Purcom's actuation goes far beyond the polyurethane chain. With a sharp worldwide network of consultants, it is tuned to the main production and consumption trends in order to anticipate the demands of the most varied market segments. In order to give the best response to each of them, it relies on a range of strategic services ranging from Product Engineering, through Process Engineering, to the reuse of industrial and post-consumption leftovers. Equipped with the first technology center for polyurethane in Brazil, the Purcom Intelligence Center (CIP), is also the first company in the sector to practice Reverse Logistics, transforming costs and damage to the environment into benefits for its customers and for Humanity .

For all these reasons, Purcom has been a pioneer platform for competitive and ecological polyurethane solutions.

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